How to create a Virtual Reality Video on YouTube?

Virtual reality technology is more popular than ever these days. It has gone from something only seen in movies to being an enthralling method for watching content. As more people are getting into VR and purchasing VR headgear, the number of users keeps growing. Individuals are no longer conformed with traditional 2D material. Instead, they are choosing to see engaging, immersive and mind-blowing VR videos and media content.

Based on the growing popularity of the technology, the number of those creating virtual reality videos has also increased. There are all types of VR videos available today. Some are instructional, motivational and entertaining. Others are adult oriented such as virtual porn videos. Regardless of the type, these highly engaging VR videos are everywhere you look. Millions of them are being uploaded to sites such as YouTube. Creating your own virtual reality video to share on YouTube, is not as hard as it seems.

In order to make your own VR videos, you will need certain software, apps or spherical camera. The latter has 360-degree capability lens and other features. While using a camera such as this is an option, is not the only one available. For those who cannot afford them, there are other ways to make them without one. One app called Jump, lets any person shoot and upload VR videos to YouTube. Of course you won’t have the same features or as many options this way. Using three-dimensional animation programs for instance, open up many more. Additionally, they also render higher immersiveness.

Some of the VR videos can be made to be interactive which lets users get closer to objects and characters. A great way to make these types of movies is using a program called Structure Sensor. The software is one of the best ways to make all types of 3D images. That includes people, rooms, furniture and other objects. This amazing tool can be compared to a 3 dimensional scanner used to capture objects in the real world. It then transforms them into virtual 3D images.

In addition to this program, there are countless others you can utilize. This all depends on your budget, type of smartphone, computer and VR headset you have. Some people have iPhone while others have Android smartphones. Luckily, there are some apps that work for either iOS or Android devices. Any of them provide users with options for creating VR content. One of them is called Photo Sphere. You can capture 360-degree images easily since it comes with an onscreen guide. 360 Panorama is another app you can use to capture photos and create a virtual reality video.

Splash is perhaps the best option when it comes to VR video creation apps. Not only is it free, it also allows a person to create VR videos easily. It may take a while to get used to using it and getting the video right. In the end, people who want to create their own virtual reality movies to upload to YouTube or elsewhere, have more options than ever today. The tool you use largely depends on you, your budget and the type of VR video you want to create.