How can I Shoot a Youtube Video?

Youtube has become one of the most frequently visited social media sites in today’s modern world. With Youtuber’s success in sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and almost everything under and beyond the sun, it is just right that you start shooting your own video today. Here are tips on how to shoot your very own Youtube video.

  • Use the right equipment. Before you start shooting your Youtube video, make sure that you have all the equipment you need. Make sure that your camera has a high-resolution, your audio is clear and your lighting equipment are complete.

  • Choose the right topic. You can choose a topic which may be unique, interesting, trending or fun. Consider your intended audience and guess what are the topics that would best capture their interest.

  • Write a script. In shooting videos, most people actually take writing scripts for granted. While you can edit your video to cut broken files, writing a script will actually help your video in being organized and will help you save time. Writing a script beforehand will also enable you to avoid forgetting certain details and will ensure that all important information is included in the video.

  • Choose a setting that best compliments your topic. Choosing the setting of your video is as important as having the right topic. Your setting will not only serve for the overall aesthetics of your video but, more importantly, will add additional information for the topics you have chosen.


  • Use the right background music and other audio effects. Good music and audio will surely keep the interest of your audiences. It will not only give additional and complementary information for your video would also keep your videos from being boring. For vlogs and DIY’s, the right music and audio effects will give life to your videos.

  • Visualize the overall outcome of your video. Having an expectation of your overall output will help you organize your ideas. It is just right to have an expectation for your overall outcome to be able to evaluate it before publishing your video.

  • Steady your shots. To avoid distorted or blurred videos, you have to steady your shots. When using smartphones or iPhones, hold your smartphones and iPhones with both hands as close as possible to your body. You could also use stabilizers and tripods or instead use steady physical supports like chairs, shelves, tables, desks, etc.

  • Stay Close to your subject. To be able to emphasize your subject, a higher image quality and less digital noise, you should stay physically close to your subject as possible. It is also not advisable to use zoom when using phones because it would only destroy your video.

  • Shoot horizontally. In order to achieve a high-quality video, you should shoot your videos horizontally. Videos shot horizontally will support any device.

  • Ready everything before shooting. Before starting to shoot make sure that you have everything ready for your shot.

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