How to Make a Good Youtube Video

Planning on making a video for Youtube? With these few easy steps, you can make sure that your videos are not only interesting, high-quality, but most importantly, can easily attract audiences.

  • Only make videos in HD. With the number of videos available on Youtube today, the audience mostly prefer to only watch videos in HD. This, however, does not mean that you have to buy expensive HD cameras. With the quality of the cameras of smartphones and iPhones today, you can now use them to shoot for your own Youtube videos. When editing, you also have to make sure that your video resolution is put into HD before starting doing anything.

  • Use high-quality audio. While some audiences can tolerate low-quality videos, especially those that tackle unique topics, they surely can’t tolerate it when they cannot hear what the video is all about. If you think that the microphone of your camera, you can buy a microphone that would ensure the quality of your audio.

  • Always consider the lighting. In shooting videos, lighting is a very important factor that should never be taken for granted. Through a few decisions for the improvement of the lighting of your videos, you can improve your videos in a whole new different level.

  • Use video-editing software that you are confident with. Purchasing professional video editing software, you have no idea how to use would only waste your time, effort and money. Instead, you should use a video editing software that you are confident with in using. For beginners, you can use Wondershare Filmora or Windows Movie Maker which are designed for beginners in video editing.

  • Carefully plan the content of your videos. Choose a topic that is unique and that will sure catch the interest of your intended audience. Plan, how it would successfully convey the message of your video. Write your entire script beforehand. Visualize the overall outcome of your video and put into consideration suggestions from the people around you. Lastly, it is very important to make sure that your video will not end up being offensive to certain people.

  • Carefully choose a setting that would successfully compliment the content of your video. While lighting is a very significant factor in making videos, you do not have to sacrifice the setting in order to ensure good lighting. You can always purchase lighting tools or make your own lighting tools through following lots of do-it-yourself tutorials available online.

  • Keep your videos short and interesting. While watching your video on Youtube, audiences can also see several video suggestions that are similar to your video. Make sure that they finish your videos before clicking to the next one by avoiding making long and extremely boring videos. Keep your videos short and always on-point to be able to keep the interest of your viewers.

  • Avoid using too much jump cuts. While lots of Youtubers successfully make good Youtube videos with the use of jump cuts, you must remember that too much of it would destroy your video. For totally professional topics, you can even omit jump cuts.

  • Never forget the importance of SEO. When uploading your videos, never forget that you need people to be able to find it in order for people to actually watch it. To be able to make your video search-engine friendly, use a descriptive title, put as many tags as possible, and put a very descriptive description in the description box.

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