How To Make An Explainer Video For YouTube?

YouTube has the largest selection of explainer videos in the world. The video-sharing website is used by millions each day. Users view videos so they can obtain info on just about any topic. Many of the people posting these explainer videos monetize from them. Some make a huge amount of money creating and posting these explainer videos on YouTube. They also use them to promote their websites or products. It is the best way to get your point across and promote something as well.

If you ever wondered how to make an explainer video for YouTube, this guide can show you. Creating your own explainer video is not as difficult as you may think. In fact, using the right programs or methods, can let you make explainer videos effortlessly and quickly. This tutorial on how to make and explainer video for YouTube will show you the best ways to create one.

Why Explainer Videos Are So Popular

Explainer videos are very popular and everywhere you look. That’s because they have so much to offer and are so useful. People all over the world are using explainer videos to reach potential clients and their audience easier and faster. That may explain why they are so fashionable and why so many companies and individuals are using them. Explainer videos are a powerful marketing tool. There are millions of explainer videos on YouTube. It is one of the things which has made it one of the top ten most used websites in the world.

You can find all types of explainer videos on YouTube covering an immense range of topics. Many of these videos are from individuals offering help to others using the how to formats. These how to videos are animated versions of written tutorials. But, instead of reading information about any topic, you get a video explaining it all. The visual effects make it easier for the user searching for the information to follow along. In addition, when you are looking for assistance on how to do something, the videos make it easier to learn what they teach you.

Explainer videos can help businesses explain their product or services in an animated fashion. The same for anyone who has something to sell or promote. So how do you go about creating powerful explainer videos? There are several ways you can do so using websites and programs or doing them yourself.

Steps For Creating An Awesome Explainer Videos

When creating explainer videos, you have to decide on exactly what type it’s going to be. Is it for a business, personal use or another purpose? You can find several explainer videos examples online which can help you get an idea of what type or format may be best for you.

The first thing you need to do when making an explainer video, is to have a great script. Even though you may be using images or animations to create the explainer video, you will still need words to explain your process and tell your story. The key is making sure that your script remains informational while also being as brief as possible. Ascertain that you recognize who your targeted audience will be. Also, focus on what you want users to take away from your explainer video. Typically, most YouTube explainer videos are about 30 to 90 seconds long. The exact length depends on what your video will be all about.

Different Types Of Explainer Videos

The next step is deciding if you want to use animations, live action or Screencast footage. A large number of people will use a combination of both animation and live action. The easiest explainer videos to create are done using Screencast option. These are done by capturing the screen shot of your computer¬† or laptop. Those who have no problem being on camera go with the live action format. If they are shy and don’t want to appear on the video, they will get someone to appear on the video for them.

Many of the most popular explainer videos are done using the whiteboard methods. That explains why whiteboard explainer videos are so successful. Companies and individuals use whiteboard methods because they are easy to follow, fun and inexpensive. The latter will depend on how great you want the animated graphics to be. If you can draw yourself or know a person who does, then a whiteboard explainer video format are a good choice. There are many award-winning animated explainer videos you can find online to help you see some good examples. In many cases, there are phone apps which let you use the time-lapse functions to assist you in creating the explainer video.

You may have to record your explainer video voice a few times before you get it right. Some people will use music to accompany their videos. In the event that you don’t want to make the explainer video yourself, you can hire companies to create one for you. One of those companies you can use is SquareShip. They are a top rated marketing company that offers excellent video production services. Once you are done making your explainer video, posting it on YouTube is your final step. Be sure to promote your explainer video using social media, ads or other advertising methods. Before long, your explainer video may end up being one the best explainer videos of 2017!

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