Things to Know when Starting a Youtube Channel

Youtube channels are one of the latest ways for people to share their ideas and talents to the world. While everything may seem easy and basic at first glance, one requires to know and consider the following in starting Youtube channels.

  • Carefully consider your topic. While it should be remembered that you won’t be able to please everyone, this does not give you an excuse to offending people. Only go for concepts and ideas that you are sure would not offend peoples gender preference, origin, etc. You are making a Youtube channel to share your ideas and your experiences, not to start a fight.

  • Trust yourself. Before you decide on anything, you must put in mind that you can do anything you set your mind to doing. While listening to other people’s advice is wise, you should put in mind that how your Youtube channel will end up with is up to you. Never doubt yourself and your capabilities.

  • Expect Haters. Today, anyone can post anything online. In Youtube, whatever the content of your video is, there will always be someone who will dislike or even post nasty comments about your video. Never let this destroy your self-esteem. Rather, let their criticisms be constructive and help you with uploading better videos in the future.

  • Schedule your uploads. For your Youtube channel to succeed, you must be able to upload your content. Scheduling your uploads will help you have a deadline to finish your videos and be actually able to upload it.

  • Observe the films and videos that interest you. Observe techniques from films and other videos to be able to gather ideas on which filming or editing techniques would best suit the theme of your videos. This does not mean, however, that you have to imitate their techniques. Be creative, be unique.


  • SEO is significant. While many people took SEO for granted, it is the most important thing to do for people to be able to actually watch your video. Remember to use a descriptive title that is unique and that overall captures the theme and content of your videos. Also, use as many tags as possible. Use all the words you know that are related to your video including synonyms. Lastly, write a search engine friendly description for your videos.


  • Use an editing software you are confident with. What is the use of a fancy video editing software if you don’t know how to use it? When editing your videos, you don’t need anything fancy, you only need an editing software that will suffice with the editing needs of your video.


  • Engage with your audience. You must never take your audience for granted. Take an effort in constantly engaging with them. This will not earn you lots of followers but would also help you gather ideas for your next video or help you improve the quality of your work.


  • You are your only enemy. While others might have Youtube channels that have some similar videos with yours, you must remember that these people are not your enemies. Take a genuine interest in their work and even appreciate them.

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