Top Trans Bars in Johannesburg

Trans dating in Johannesburg is not limited to online dating sites. There are some nice, friendly bars and nightclubs that welcome trans people and their partners in this bustling South African city. Not to mention you can meet trans people in museums, at concerts, and even in gyms!

So which are the bars? We’ll start with the Zen Nightclub and Bar in Maboneng Precinct. This place is also popular with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and heterosexual people and almost always full. There’s no chance of finding a table if you don’t call and book in advance.

You can also meet trans people at bars like Trouble Bar and Babylon – The Bar or gay-friendly clubs like Beefcakes Johannesburg and Ratz. Beefcakes is a fun, trendy bar in Illovo, where you can enjoy a drag show or a camp cabaret. It also serves delicious food. If you’re a fan of retro music, Ratz is the place to go. Events garnished with special meals are always taking place, but they differ depending on the night of the week.

Many trans women go to the Trouble Bar in Randburg, a gay bar with excellent cocktails and amazing music.

For many members of the local trans community, Babylon is like a home away from home. Everyone who is open and accepting of the community is welcome here. Liking trance music won’t hurt. The club has a VIP lounge in case you’d appreciate more privacy.

Don’t miss the Xai Xai Lounge on 7th Avenue, Melville. This trans-friendly venue is comfortable, welcoming, and cozy. It serves traditional South African dishes as well as Portuguese and Mozambican specialties. What makes this club different from the others is that it’s open all day, so you can have breakfast here with your date after a fun night together.

It goes without saying that you can come to any of these spots for a date with a trans person if you’ve already met someone here in Johannesburg.

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